Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Owe Me A Skirt!!

The other night Kasey made me watch a scary movie, Paranormal Activity 2.  Have you heard of it? Never watch it! I was so scared and I only probably watched about half of it. Well before we started watching it. I made Kasey promise that he would not scare me, after no crossies count and no matter what promises I added, that if he did scare me he had to buy me a new skirt. What better way to keep him from scaring me than threatening to spend his money, right!? Well buying me a new skirt was a price he was willing to pay. Last night about 2 nights after we watched the movie, I thought I was in the clear with him and his tricks (Yes I was still thinking about the dumb movie).  I went to sleep at ten just like I do every night and Kasey stayed up watching the World Series. I was sound asleep and I felt my sheets pulling off of me, being half asleep I thought nothing of it and put them back on. A little bit later it happened again but this time I was wide awake (This happens in the first Paranormal Activity movie). I was still pretty out of it and was freaking out a little bit, but I must be that crazy person in the movies that you always think "you're an idiot don't look down there" I did and Kasey jumped up and I really honestly am surprised I did not pee my pants/punch him in the throat. I was so freaked out, so to make a long story short I get a new skirt. Maybe I will start watching more scary movies with him, in order to keep my wardrobe growing

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Laundry Day Melt Down

 I would have to say that right now my one true wish is to have a washer and dryer at home.  Why?  You may be asking yourself.   Well because of today.  I know I am just having a pity party for myself but I am not a fan of Laundromats.
 I made the mistake to go on a Saturday. The Laundromat was crazy busy and we had to wait in line for driers. As some of my closest family members know, I am just like my dad and get very agitated in crowds. It did not help that I had two weeks worth of laundry. I usually only do laundry every other week to try to save some money. Sometimes it does not feel worth it. As you can see from the picture we were ready to leave so after the second cycle of drying we were out of there, because we had so much clothes not everything completely dried. Kasey was quite the innovator when it came to finding places to hang things to dry. (Yes that is a fan, and yes it is drying the clothes).  I told you Kasey was an innovator.
Kasey is giving a thumbs up after all of our clothes are folded and ready to be put away. I don't think he realizes that he will have to help put them away. Well at least I wont need to do this for another two weeks.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beauty Sleep, and Catching Cockroaches

 Kasey and I decided we wanted to watch a movie together. We have not spend much quality time together because of my first enemy, school. About 2 minutes into the movie, he was out!
 Now to face my second enemy, Cockroaches. We have so many and I cant seem to get ride of them. I have been telling my mom about them but I decided I wanted to show her so she understood how picked on I am. So I decided to try and capture this nasty little things on film. So I set out  bait or in other words a marshmallow and waited for them to come. And oh did they come! (yes I was a little bored today)
Okay so only one managed to make it to the party. He was so fast I could not get a picture of him. But you can kinda see how big he is, and now you know I am not making this stuff up. If you have any ideas how to get ride of these things let me know because they are really freaking me out!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Biology, you are ruining my husbands birthday!

 Kasey turns 24 today! Happy Birthday Kase I am so impressed everyday with how hard you work, with school, baseball, and a wife that probably does not make life to easy. So I really wanted to make his big day special. It was not as easy as I thought when a 22 page report is due the next day. As you can see with this picture Kasey did not have much time for birthday activities.
 Kasey spent last night working on his paper and ended up staying up until 2:00 in the morning. So when I woke him up at 7:20 with breakfast in bed he was not as excited as I hoped. It was actually really funny, he kept looking at the alarm clock and then and his french toast. It took him a good 30 minutes to finish half his breakfast. He would take a bite and then lay down and close his eyes and chew. Poor kid he was trying to act interested but it was just to early and not enough sleep for him.
 (I had to take a picture of the cup cakes I made for his birthday because Kasey was a little concerned it was ketchup.)
 Yes this is his birthday dinner. The University of Iowa once a semester pays for Kasey to buy some new clothes, for this semester it happened to be on his birthday. So Kasey got to go shopping and get new shoes shirts and jeans. So for dinner we just stopped at the food court and got something to eat. I hope he enjoyed himself a little. The whole time he was in a hurry to get back to his paper.
So in the end Kasey had a pretty stressful day with a wife who keep interrupting his study time, to make him celebrate his birthday. We had our cupcakes and I sang happy birthday and we watched Modern Family. I think it was a pretty memorial birthday, at least it was for me. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birthday Chain

On Thursdays I watch coach Brownlee's kids. He has two adorable kids, that I cant wait to hang out with once a week. Jackson is their oldest he is everything gentleman. He always opens my door says please and thank you. He is also so sweet to his little sister. Norah is the youngest she will tell you herself that she is a teenager in a little girls body. ( do you think her parents tell her that? ) I happen to believe it. We have a lot of fun on Thursdays or at least I do.

This week Norah found out that Kasey's Birthday was coming up so she just knew that she had to do something for him. At first she wanted to give him ballet lessons but after talking about it we decided that maybe that was not the best idea. So we decided to settle on a Birthday countdown chain. She got really into decorating it and had to write the happy birthday part. Notice it is decorated in baseballs (because she just knows he loves baseball) and Halloween stamps (because its October) I think it turned out pretty cute and I am sure Kasey will have so much fun ripping a ring off everyday.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jalapeno to the face!

Conference weekend always means 2 things to me growing up 1. Staying in pajamas all day to watch conference and 2. eat delicious food. So to keep the traditions alive I wanted to make something yummy for dinner. Kasey was having a bad day, our alarm clock went nuts and went off at the wrong time, so he was late to practice. Well when someone is late they just send them home and then next practice they have to run a bit. So lets just say he was not too happy. Well I decided to try my hand at enchiladas, of course the recipe had onions and jalapenos in it. I have never made anything with jalapenos so this was all new to me. My poor eyes were about to have the worse night of there lives. I was cutting up the onions and cutting out all the seeds from the jalapeno. My eyes were hurting and without thinking (which is not to rare for me) rubbed my eyes. BIG mistake!! I got a jalapeno seed in my eye. It hurt so bad I could not see, and without thinking my other hand went up to my other eye. So then both my eyes felt like they were on fire! I could not open them. No matter how hard I tried to open my eyes they just would not open they hurt so bad. I was so lucky that Kasey was there I don't know what I would have done without him. He came to my rescue. He led me to the bathroom and was trying to help me rinse them out but they just would not open. So he had to get a bowl of water and I sat in the bathroom dunking my face in water for what felt like forever. Finally I was able to open them and my poor eyes were bright red and swollen! My eyes are still really sore but the good thing is I can see, and dinner was delicious. I took a picture because I was so proud I made it through my trauma and still made this yummy dinner.