Sunday, November 20, 2011

Skip The Turkey, We Want The Deals

The past week I have caught Kasey looking online at black Friday deals on more than one occasion.   He loves it, last year we went on accident. I had a bad headache so we made a late night walmart run to get some medicine. I thought this was going to be a quick run to the store. I was ready for bed in my pajamas no makeup on and slippers to finish off my awesome look.  I don't know if it was just Kasey's competitive nature or what but we ended up shopping until 3 in the morning. It did not matter what the object was, if there was a big group going after it Kasey got right in the middle of it. Then after he got it probably from someone that really needed it he would continue to call his mom and asked if anyone wanted it.  There was multiple times he would do this and then when he found out no one in our family needed it he would just put it back. You should have seen the looks he got from people. It was so funny! This year I will be ready ( I lost Kasey multiple times because I was walking too slow). So this year I am dragging Breeann with me. were going to wear our running shoes, and we are going to be the ultimate shoppers Kasey will be proud of me this year! So if anyone needs a little help getting your shopping done this year Kasey is your man. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. And yes by the way that is a Christmas tree in the corner of the picture. ( I could not wait to put it up)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Little Miss Quinn

Little Quinnie has stolen our hearts. I cant believe she is going to be one this Saturday! Last week Quinn had her one year old pictures taken, these are just two of the ones I love (thank you mom for sending them). I hate that I dont get to come home for all my sweet little nieces and nephews birthdays, I hope they know I love them lots. I miss them all and cant wait to see them at Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

There is a First Time For Everything

 I know, I know it is November but I found the little pumpkin I bought in October. We just never got around to carving it.  So when I found out that Kasey had never carved a pumpkin he had no choice in the matter, we were going to carve a pumpkin!
Kasey said that because of year round baseball (which he has been doing since he was 10 ) he never carved a pumpkin, he had been around when other people carved them but at that time he did not have me to make him experience it.
I think he ended up having more fun than he was letting on, its not the coolest pumpkin ever but hey it is pretty good for someone who has the carving skills of a ten year old. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I love everything Holiday, I guess I get that from my mom she always made holidays so fun. But holidays are always the hardest for me out here in Iowa.  It did not help that this Halloween was kind of a bummer. So I was a little emotional when Kasey told me he had to go to a test review that night. I was already sad I could not see my cute little nieces and nephews, so when he told me I had to sit home alone I almost lost it. I say almost because I could tell Kasey felt bad about it. I went and dropped Kasey off at the university and then I decided I would go to the gym so I was not just sitting home feeling sorry for myself. I was very happy when Kasey called me to come pick him up on my way home. So at least I did not have to be home alone for too long. Kasey called and ordered our favorite pizza from the Wig and Pen, and we went home.  I was hoping that by some small chance someone would come trick or treating, and Kasey was hoping to get some serious studying done. No trick or treaters ended up coming, not that I blame them. I was lucky enough to go to our ward Halloween party for a little bit. The little kids looked so cute.  It was fun to see how excited all the little kids were in there costumes.  also, thank you so much Kim and Kathy I loved the pictures you sent of everyone dressed up. It was the highlight of my Halloween.  I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!