Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ferber Method

Little Calvin has me wrapped around his little fat finger. He melts my heart, Kasey probably gets so sick of me always talking about what he did that day but Icant help it he's my little chunk ( I found out his weight is in the 95%).I always knew it would not be easy to let little Calvin cry it out. Today is day one and i could hardly stand it. There were at least two times I had to honestly keep myself from going to get him. Thirty minutes has never felt so long, the poor little guy broke my heart. I know this is for his better health I just hope there are not to many more days of this. After he finally feel asleep I just sat by his crib for a good fifteen minutes to make sure he was okay. It may have been harder on me than him. I am excited for him to be able to get the sleep he needs. As of right now he was in the habit of sleeping 15 minutes and then wanting to be up for a hour. We will see how this goes.