Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Bit of Summer Lovin

 My summer was pretty amazing! My nanny job ended in May, with Kasey being busy with classes and I not having a job I was feeling very anxious about how the summer would go. When classes ended for Kasey we were able to take the long drive home to Utah. When we got there and after we had been there for a couple of weeks it was a pretty easy decision to know that I was going to stay all summer (Sorry Kase I did miss you lots though). Here is how my summer went:

 Lots of fourwheeler rides and camping
 of course dirty faces
 not the best picture, but it shows how Quinn bossed us around all summer and of course a lot of time in pjs
 tons of fun at grandmas
 what is a summer without half your time spent at the swimming pool
 running through sprinklers
 multiple times to the zoo
 my two year anniversary

 Aladdin at Tuacahn (my first time there)
 most of my time was spent with super cute kids
 and of course Quinn bites through her lip while I am watching her
 cousin sleep overs at grandmas
 miss Londyn was so excited Kasey came back
 horse riding
 Lots of fun with the gorilla suit
 My mom and dad left this waiting for me in my bed
 more of Quinn bossing us all around (notice the empty chair)
 more swimming

 This summer I also got to watch this little monkey two days a week, I loved every minute of it!

And what better way to end the summer than to get a new hair cut and color (the first time I have ever colored my hair). I was so sad to leave all my family, but it was really nice to see Kasey and head back to Iowa.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Night To Remember

Last Monday Kasey and I were invited to a banquet to receive his senior athlete "I" ring. To be honest looking back I don't know what we were thinking. For one thing it was a banquet to honor all the athletes that were seniors and going to graduate. If that was not enough to clue us in on the dress apparel maybe the fact that it was at the Marriott and it was 35 dollars a plate should have helped. Well long story short it was a black tie event and Kasey and I showed up in jeans. I was so embarrassed! The worst part is that we came right before they opened the doors, so everyone was in the lobby as we turned the corner. I wanted to hide.  We did not have time to go home to changed so I sat through a 3 hour program feeling so dumb. I actually thought it was funny when I was finally sitting down. As soon as it was over I wanted to run out of there.

 hmmm.... who is out of place here?
 Here is a picture of all the senior athletes that were invited.
 Kasey and one of his teammates
And of course Kasey with all the loot we scored from the banquet We were getting our 35 dollars worth.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Horrible Timing

Poor Kasey is learning fast that with me timing is everything. I think we all know baseball season can kinda drag for me. I am trying really hard to love it while it lasts. I think I really will miss it once it is over ( isn't that how everything goes). Well back to the horrible timing. Kasey had just gotten back from a trip to Nebraska, and I was feeling picked on because I had to spend Easter alone ( good thing i have a great friend that takes care of me ). Well kasey had First told me that we might not move back to Utah in December. Which okay fine I had keep that a possibility. But then he dropped the bom that it could happen we would never move back to Utah. I had never even let that enter my mind. Well long story short after a long call to my mom, crying to kasey, and sleeping on it I think I can handle the news. I know this will all be worth it and I am ready to go the distance. I just may need some hand holding and a couple nice long trips home. It just happened to be the worst timing! Today I feel much better about it and feel like our sacrifices will be worth it. Wish me luck.

P.S I hope everyone had a great Easter

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baseball Pictures

Hawkeye Stats:
                Home: 5-2
                Away: 1-4
                Big Ten: 3-3

Kasey is the bom.com!

Check out Iowa baseball gets hitting and pitching in victory - The Daily Iowan


If you check out the slide show of the pictures there is a really good one of Kasey bating. It will be the second picture in the slide show.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Much Needed Visitors

I was so excited that my family was able to come out for 5 days and visit me. My mother, mother-in-law, Kasey's grandma, and grandpa all took the long drive to come watch Kasey play in the season opening games.
 It was so nice having family there during the games, and the weather was beautiful. I even got a really awesome farmers tan. You can not tell in the picture (dang Kasey and his tan skin) but I did get some sun and felt good about it until I saw this picture.
 The Hawkeyes played Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Giving us Thursday to go to Nauvoo.
 I was so lucky in the fact that Kasey's Grandma and Gramdpa served a mission in Nauvoo. They served when the temple was first opened about ten years ago.  
 It was so fun having them there to tell us all about the buildings and the history. It was like we had our own tour guides for the whole day.
 While serving in Nauvoo they were temple workers. Kasey's grandpa was actually the one to seal us in Manti when we got married. It was a really cool experience.

It was my Moms first time in Nauvoo. It was also my first time touring Nauvoo. Normally we just go to the temple and head back. I loved being able to do this with my family. I Had so much fun while they were here and was so sad to see them go. Poor Kasey did not get to go to Nauvoo with us and was really busy the whole time they were here. I hope they can come back again and Kasey will be able to go. I will miss them so much and cant wait until they come again.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ferber Method

Little Calvin has me wrapped around his little fat finger. He melts my heart, Kasey probably gets so sick of me always talking about what he did that day but Icant help it he's my little chunk ( I found out his weight is in the 95%).I always knew it would not be easy to let little Calvin cry it out. Today is day one and i could hardly stand it. There were at least two times I had to honestly keep myself from going to get him. Thirty minutes has never felt so long, the poor little guy broke my heart. I know this is for his better health I just hope there are not to many more days of this. After he finally feel asleep I just sat by his crib for a good fifteen minutes to make sure he was okay. It may have been harder on me than him. I am excited for him to be able to get the sleep he needs. As of right now he was in the habit of sleeping 15 minutes and then wanting to be up for a hour. We will see how this goes.