Friday, September 30, 2011

Unexpected Outcome

Out of sheer boredom Breeann and I decided to redo my kitchen table. We thought "oh this will be a fun ONE day project." Well five days later it is dry and ready to be blogged about.  
 I figure this story needed a before and after picture to make it interesting. So here is the before. it is a really cute little table and I did not mind it, but it can be a dangerous thing when two girls are bored. Kasey found that out the hard way.
 On our trip to Lows to get supplies, the man helping us said we could either sand or spray this chemical on the chairs that will lift the stain right off. He made it sound like it would be as easy as wiping it off with a rag. So of course I thought to myself no sanding sweet! We bought the spray, and got the safest kind we could find. (Breeann was worried about cancer) We might have not thought this process out very well, because we were spraying and it was getting everywhere. So we layed garbage bags down. Then we hung them on the walls, but it still was getting eveywhere (okay I know what your thinking, yes it may be chemical getting everywhere in my tiny little kitchen but it was the safe kind, and we opened windows. We are not complete idiots.)
 Well this is the part where Kasey gets home and he being as smart as he is and a little confused as to why we thought our plan would work, kicked us out. So we went to the side walk to spray the rest. I don't think the neighbors liked it that much, but where else would we go. Then Kasey had a second game changing thought. Get Phillips truck and do it in there garage. Perfect! Well long story short the chemical turned into a waxy goo. We had the hardest time getting it off, I asked my mom what to do she asked my brother (who works in a cabinet shop) what to do and then we asked my dad what to do. Breann asked her neighbor what to do and Phillip what to do. And after getting a kinda different answer from all of them, we gave up. We took my dads advice to get the goo off. Which took forever!! and then just decided to paint it even though some of the stain from before was still on there.
 Well we ended up back at step one with just the normal stain on there well some of it anyways. So we decided we were finished being crafty and decided to just paint. It ended up looking pretty cute. Almost like we tried to make it look rustic. It just took forever for it to dry and I think there were a few morning when Kasey woke up with headaches from the stain. (to get it out of Phillips garage I stained some of it in our apartment)
In the end I think Breeann and I decided and was kinda told (by our husbands) that we would lay off the crafty projects for a while. Until we are bored enough to do Breeanns bench. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Let the games begin

 I love fall ball! it is actually baseball weather, no winter coats and gloves here. Okay so it was still a little chilly and we were rained on a little but still a lot better than watching games in March.
 Yup thats right Kasey is number 1! I thought I would have to wait to have kids to be that super embarrassing mom in the stands. But I am in luck I can be that super embarrassing wife!
 Kasey right before he hit a home run for me, okay so that did not happen but he still did really well.  
I was in good company at the game, between playing tic tac toe with Norah and having Jackson helping me with my score keeping all at the same time, 14 inning flew by. In the end it was a good game we won against the university of Omaha Nebreaska. Kasey made a lot of really good defensive plays and got on base 2 of the 3 times he was up to bat

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Kasey! You have always been one of my heros. I love you and hope you have and amazing birthday. I miss you and your adorable little family.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Blues

What is a girl to do when the she loves Holidays, but the fact that Halloween is coming and she wont get to see her cute nices and nephews makes her so sad? Well I go ahead and buy Halloween decorations! I dont think Kasey will be to happy with me when it is all put up, but come on I dont even get to celebrate, and Christmas seems ages away. Last Halloween was a BUM-MER. I was so sad when no little kids came trick or treating to our apartment, but I think Kasey was right who would go to the poorest neighboorhood in Iowa City to trick or treat? So what is the harm in buying some holdiay fun? I might even try to push it and and try to get Kasey to dress up with me. I dont know if that will happen but wish me luck. I am not going to just sit home and feel sorry for myself this year Halloween her I come Whoot Whoot!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We finally made it!

Iowa City is in the Nauvoo temple district. We were lucky enougth to finally make the 2 hour drive, before school became to busy.

Whoot Whoot Cubbie fan for life!!

 He did it! I officially love baseball.
 Historic Wrigley Field
 The Famous Chicago Dog
I made Kasey wear a cubs shirt.  No Yankee shirts here...
 Of course we had to try Gino's East, the place that started the deep dish.
I had to do something besides baseball, loved downtown shopping/sight seeing.