Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Thursday of All Thursdays

It is finally here, the day that I have been waiting for since my last visit home. But not only am I going home today. I have a list of awesome things happening today. Of course #1 is Kasey and I are packing our bags and heading home for 3 weeks. #2 I will get my husband back! Finals are over. #3 Today is my last day at work! I will be starting a new job when we return in January. I finally got a full time position so hopefully this will help when Kasey is traveling so much in the spring. My new job is to be a nanny for a super sweet little baby names Calvin. I hope that this will be a good change and that I will find something I like to do. There is a lot that is still up in the air. I am super nervous about the fact that they only need me until may. So I will need to go back on the hunt for a job for the summer and fall. Luckily as of right now our plans are to move back to Utah next December so we can save some money and Kasey will get ready to take the mcat there. Kasey is also trying to have me go home for next summer. At first I thought that was a great idea, but I don't think I could leave Kasey for that long. For one thing our apartment would be trashed :) just kidding I would miss him too much that is the real reason. I hope everyone has safe traveling and has a happy holiday! To all you in Iowa see you later suckers! (you need to know my sweet little cousin Chloe to understand the sucker part)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Impatiently Waiting

3 more days to go and it feels like time is dragging! Kasey has been so extremely busy with finals coming up and I have had plenty of time on my hands. I cant wait to go home. Kasey is really excited as well, he told me the other day he is excited to go home so other people can entertain me for a while . Poor guy I have been nuts. I just get so lonely out here. I only work part time (for now) and don't really have anyone to talk to during the days. I have had multiple days where I don't think I have talked to anyone until my sweet mom calls me (my mom is awesome she makes sure to call me every night, she knows her daughter all to well). I will admit I have been a basket case the last few weeks, I think it is because I am just so antsy to go home. I cried the other night when my exhausted husband just wanted to sit down and watch football after a long day and keep ignoring me when I would try to ask him questions. I know I am losing it. I just have to remember all the things I am thankful for and how blessed I truly am. I cant wait to see my family and I hope I can hold it together long enough to get home for both Kasey and my sake.

I have been really thinking about what I should put on my blog and what I should not. I don't want to seem like I am not thankful for anything or a whiner. But I decided I started this blog as a journal type thing and only putting the good things is not real. So I promise I am so grateful for everything especially my hard working sweet husband and family. I sometimes think it is good to look back at the things we have struggled with and grow from them.So some times a girl just needs to vent.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome To The Hood

There are a few things you need to know on how to get along in the hood. Kasey and I are finally up to speed and though we dont always follow these rules, they are kinda hard to ingnore. #1) is that if you have all four hub caps ( or even just one in this case) you are in the wrong neck of the woods.
 #2) if your car looks like it will start you will stick out like a sore thumb.
 #3) The career choice here is to be a taxi driver. if you have a van, can affored window stickers, and a sign on top to let people know your a taxi you are good to go. It does not even matter if you hardley ever move your parked Taxi. what matters is you have the option.
 #4) You know those things the rest of civilization call garbage cans. Well make sure you ignore them. The world is yours to trash.
 #5) Make sure whenever you pull in that your music is bumbin as loud as your little car can handle maybe even more if you can manage. Because everyone wants to hear your crap music.
#6) Last but not least is that if you do not share the load in giving the neighborhood cockroaches some where to live. As a neightbor it is your job to make sure your apartment is gross and stinkey enough that no matter what they will find there way into your neigbors home. I keep in mind that someday when Kasey finally graduates that I will look back on this and laugh. Because some of this is not funny at the moment!