Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Night To Remember

Last Monday Kasey and I were invited to a banquet to receive his senior athlete "I" ring. To be honest looking back I don't know what we were thinking. For one thing it was a banquet to honor all the athletes that were seniors and going to graduate. If that was not enough to clue us in on the dress apparel maybe the fact that it was at the Marriott and it was 35 dollars a plate should have helped. Well long story short it was a black tie event and Kasey and I showed up in jeans. I was so embarrassed! The worst part is that we came right before they opened the doors, so everyone was in the lobby as we turned the corner. I wanted to hide.  We did not have time to go home to changed so I sat through a 3 hour program feeling so dumb. I actually thought it was funny when I was finally sitting down. As soon as it was over I wanted to run out of there.

 hmmm.... who is out of place here?
 Here is a picture of all the senior athletes that were invited.
 Kasey and one of his teammates
And of course Kasey with all the loot we scored from the banquet We were getting our 35 dollars worth.