Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Bit of Summer Lovin

 My summer was pretty amazing! My nanny job ended in May, with Kasey being busy with classes and I not having a job I was feeling very anxious about how the summer would go. When classes ended for Kasey we were able to take the long drive home to Utah. When we got there and after we had been there for a couple of weeks it was a pretty easy decision to know that I was going to stay all summer (Sorry Kase I did miss you lots though). Here is how my summer went:

 Lots of fourwheeler rides and camping
 of course dirty faces
 not the best picture, but it shows how Quinn bossed us around all summer and of course a lot of time in pjs
 tons of fun at grandmas
 what is a summer without half your time spent at the swimming pool
 running through sprinklers
 multiple times to the zoo
 my two year anniversary

 Aladdin at Tuacahn (my first time there)
 most of my time was spent with super cute kids
 and of course Quinn bites through her lip while I am watching her
 cousin sleep overs at grandmas
 miss Londyn was so excited Kasey came back
 horse riding
 Lots of fun with the gorilla suit
 My mom and dad left this waiting for me in my bed
 more of Quinn bossing us all around (notice the empty chair)
 more swimming

 This summer I also got to watch this little monkey two days a week, I loved every minute of it!

And what better way to end the summer than to get a new hair cut and color (the first time I have ever colored my hair). I was so sad to leave all my family, but it was really nice to see Kasey and head back to Iowa.


  1. yay!! I'm so glad you were having a blast of a summer while the rest of us were shriveling up in hot, dry Iowa. :) just kidding. Your nieces and nephews are soooooo cute! I love that last pic of you and Kasey- your new haircut is the bomb! Can't wait to see it for real.

  2. oh p.s. love that you brought the gorilla suit with you and also love that you took a picture of Quinn after she bit through her lip! What a great aunt you are. :)