Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Horrible Timing

Poor Kasey is learning fast that with me timing is everything. I think we all know baseball season can kinda drag for me. I am trying really hard to love it while it lasts. I think I really will miss it once it is over ( isn't that how everything goes). Well back to the horrible timing. Kasey had just gotten back from a trip to Nebraska, and I was feeling picked on because I had to spend Easter alone ( good thing i have a great friend that takes care of me ). Well kasey had First told me that we might not move back to Utah in December. Which okay fine I had keep that a possibility. But then he dropped the bom that it could happen we would never move back to Utah. I had never even let that enter my mind. Well long story short after a long call to my mom, crying to kasey, and sleeping on it I think I can handle the news. I know this will all be worth it and I am ready to go the distance. I just may need some hand holding and a couple nice long trips home. It just happened to be the worst timing! Today I feel much better about it and feel like our sacrifices will be worth it. Wish me luck.

P.S I hope everyone had a great Easter


  1. I'm the same way with timing. Sometimes Kyler can tell me something and I'll be fine, others I'll breakdown and cry all day. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. It's scary thinking you may never live close to family, but you'll have Kasey to help you through it. You can also call me anytime and I'll cry along with you too! Love you JoEll!

  2. Ah, JoEll! You are such a good sport. That was rather tactless timing on Kasey's part. stinker! I wouldn't worry about it. I hate living far away from my family too. I'm sure you'll end up in Utah someday- and if not, by that time you'll be established somewhere beautiful and warm and won't want to live in Utah. just kidding. :) Don't forget that you have a little family here who loves you too. :)