Sunday, April 1, 2012

Much Needed Visitors

I was so excited that my family was able to come out for 5 days and visit me. My mother, mother-in-law, Kasey's grandma, and grandpa all took the long drive to come watch Kasey play in the season opening games.
 It was so nice having family there during the games, and the weather was beautiful. I even got a really awesome farmers tan. You can not tell in the picture (dang Kasey and his tan skin) but I did get some sun and felt good about it until I saw this picture.
 The Hawkeyes played Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Giving us Thursday to go to Nauvoo.
 I was so lucky in the fact that Kasey's Grandma and Gramdpa served a mission in Nauvoo. They served when the temple was first opened about ten years ago.  
 It was so fun having them there to tell us all about the buildings and the history. It was like we had our own tour guides for the whole day.
 While serving in Nauvoo they were temple workers. Kasey's grandpa was actually the one to seal us in Manti when we got married. It was a really cool experience.

It was my Moms first time in Nauvoo. It was also my first time touring Nauvoo. Normally we just go to the temple and head back. I loved being able to do this with my family. I Had so much fun while they were here and was so sad to see them go. Poor Kasey did not get to go to Nauvoo with us and was really busy the whole time they were here. I hope they can come back again and Kasey will be able to go. I will miss them so much and cant wait until they come again.

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  1. I'm so glad your family could come to Iowa. They chose a good week to come! The weather was gorgeous! And JoEll- you always look so cute and stylish. :)